The Boulant Group

The Team

Steeve Boulant, PhD
Group leader

Carmon Kee

PhD student

Dorothee Reuss

Master student

Camila Metz

Master student

Jose Guzman

Master student

Harshita Mishra

Master student


Khuzema Hammad

Master student Mar-Dec 2019

Dorothee Albrecht

Technician April 2016- May 2019

Currently technician DKFZ

Marta Fratini PhD

PhD student May 2014- Sept 2018

Currently post-doc with Prof. Dr. Ingo Heilmann, Halle, Germany

Kalliopi Pervolaraki PhD

PhD student Jan 2014- Sept 2018

Currently post-doc at Evotec

Christian Kischnick PhD

Phd Student Jan 2015-July 2018

Currently project manager at Vetter Pharma

Delia Bucher PhD

PhD student Nov 2013-July 2018

Currently post-doc at the Nikon Imaging Facility, Heidelberg

Lucile Albert

Master thesis 2018

Currently Research Associate at iOmx Therapeutics AG

Rosalie Deutsch

Master thesis 2018

Currently Drug Safety Specialist at spm² - safety projects and more

Luis Vallejo

MD Thesis Jan 2017-Apr 2018

Currently completing MD studies at the University of Heidelberg

Franziska Egler

Master thesis 2017

Currently PhD student with Christine Clayton University Heidelberg

Joschka Hey

Master Thesis 2017

Currenty PhD student with Christoph Plass, DKFZ Heidelberg

Edgar Asberger

Master thesis 2017

Currently Consultant - Advisory Services at EY

Pranav Shah PhD

PhD student from 2013 to 2017

Currently PostDoc in James Hogle lab, Harvard Med, Boston

Simon Schroeder

Master Thesis May 2014-Dec 2014

Currently PhD student with M. Mueller, Berlin

Anja Rippert

Technician April 2012-May 2016

Currently technician in Stefan Urban lab, Heidelberg

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